Equinox Z Software Update

As with all electronics, software is a key component to the function of that product. To make certain that you have the latest software update for your Equinox Z, please read below.

How Do I Know if I Need the Update?

If you purchased a Bushnell Equinox Z 4.5x 40mm(260140) or 6x 50mm(260150) with a code of “D011213” (The white number on the under side of the rubber SD card slot cover). This update is completely optional and your unit will continue to function properly without it. This update cannot be installed on the Equinox Z 3x 30mm(260130).

Features Added by this Update:

Video Out: This will disable the 10 minute automatic shut off when the video out cable is plugged in and video out is engaged.

LCD Brightness: The LCD will now have a lower brightness setting - lowering the brightness by 50% IF the user so chooses. This requires a specific button sequence to engage once the software upgrade is in place.

Materials Required:

Micro SD card and fresh batteries.


  1. Download and unzip the upgrade file: Update for Equinox Z 4.5x 40mm(260140) | Update for Equinox Z 6x 50mm(260150)
  2. Using a Windows based computer, place the unzipped files onto a freshly formatted SD Card and place the SD card into your Equinox Z night vision monocular.
  3. Install the fresh batteries and power on the monocular.
  4. Press the following button in sequence: Zoom out + FPS Button + FPS Button + Zoom in + FPS button.
  5. The FW upgrade menu will appear. Press Zoom out to start the upgrade. The word “ISP” will be displayed on the screen during the upgrade. The upgrade should take less than 5 minutes to install.
  6. The monocular will shut off once the upgrade is complete.
  7. Reboot the monocular.

New Brightness Feature:

Once the upgrade is complete and you have rebooted the monocular, the brightness button will still power through the normal FPS adjustment rate. To get to the NEW settings, press and hold the brightness button for two seconds. The display will prompt you with a “Backlight Low” which you can use to cycle through the different series of brightness’s in low mode.

To get back to the high settings, press and hold the brightness button again, or you can permanently leave them on low.